COMMON CORE and SPECIAL ED   (10.30.13) 
PLDs: Performance Level Descriptors as/PARCC April 2013  or use this direct link to PDLs for math:
Grades 3-8, Algebra-I, Geometry and Algebra-II
(A similar test may be used w/out-of-district new students to help decide their math placement.) updated 6/7/2013
FIREFOX or INTERNET EXPLORER recommendd to explore prototype items.
Dec. 21, 2012 PARCC update: 
12/22/12 jb updated link
PARCC Governing Board approves - grades 3-8, Algebra-I, Geometry and Algebra-II assessment info. 
- retest opportunities in grades 3-8 (This will be available one time per year)
- retest opportunities in high school (These will be available three times per year beginning summer 2015.)
Districts will make their own decisions about when and how often students may re-take assessments.
Accommodations draft expected January 2013
Sample Scope and Sequence from The Charles A. Dana Center (a draft completed before ARCC and SBAC released assessment frameworks. This site will be updated as more information becomes available.) 12/22/12 jb updated link
Sample prototype online examples for grades 3-8 and high school. Firefox or Internet Explorer 9 are recommended to explore prototype items. 
12/22/12 jb updated link
PARCC HS Reference Sheet & Calculator Policy (HIgh School Reference Sheet adopted Nov. 16, 2012)
PARCC Grades 5-8 Reference Sheets (No reference sheet used grades 3-4.)
PARCC grades 3 - high school Calculator Use Policies No calculator used in grades 3-4. (adopted July 23, 2012)
PARCC SAMPLE recently released model assessment questions, with solutions (Oct. 1, 2012)
The plan at this time is that students will take the PARCC-developed subject tests beginning 2014-2015 school year instead of the HSPA in grade-11.  
State Assessment Schedule (NJASK grades 3-8, and HSPA grade-11)
NJ ASK 8 compared to NJ GEPA (Grade-8 math test)
The first link contains multiple-choice and short-constructed response (fill-in the blank) questions.
The second link contains open-ended (extended-constructed response) examples with 3-point sample solutions. Student Reference sheet is also included (page-12)
Grade 11: The NJ HSPA (High School Proficiency Assessment) is the state-mandated English and mathematics test taken by all students (both regular education and special-education) in March of their 11th grade. Receiving a 'proficient score' (> 200 points) is required before a student can receive a diploma from a public high school in New Jersey.
The following sites will help you better understand this assessment:
HSPA REVIEW This site contains a PowerPoint presentation that tells you about the test and the Math Standards included.
HSPA BOOKLET This site contains sample HSPA questions with answers. It includes information about the English and the Math portions of the test. The math section begins on page-18. When you reach this site you can scroll down to the math section, or use the arrow keys at the bottom of the screen and go to page-18.
Grades 10-11:
PSAT Free Math Study Guide(practice PSAT questions)
Grades 11-12: The SAT and ACT
What is the SAT?This link will take you to the College Board's website.
SAT Question of the DayThis link will take you to a different practice question each day.
Free SAT multiple-choice questions and reference sheet
SAT Question of the Day

ACT Test

Free ACT prep material (self tests)

Free Math Study Guide (practice ACT questions)
Grades 5-7:
Recent FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) about the NJASK 5, 6, 7
Grade 8: Information below to be updated.
The NJ GEPA/NJASK8 (Grade-8 Proficiency Assessment) Click here for the state's official website for more information.
The GEPA is the state-mandated English and math test taken by all students (both regular education and special-education) in March of their 8th grade. At Pascack Hills and Pascack Valley high schools students who score less-than-proficient (< 200 points) on this test are automatically placed into a Mathlab class in addition to their regular math class in 9th grade. The name NJGEPA has been changed to NJASK8; the curriculum content has not changed. See the NJDOE website for specifics about any of the NJASK assessments.
ALGEBRA-I END-OF-COURSE TEST(state test required by all students taking any Algebra I course in 2010-2011) Sample Achieve Practice Test including Answer Key and Scoring Rubric (Spring 2009)
Exams are scheduled for the first two weeks in May