Pascack Hills High School
"Home of the Cowboys"
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 "Let's Go Cowboys!"
Notice: Spring sports paperwork deadline is Monday, February 23rd, 2015. See forms page for details.  
Sportsmanship Matters -

Attendance at a high school sporting event is a great way to teach the meaning of sportsmanship.  Please set a good example by cheering FOR your team, your friends, classmates, teammates, sons and daughters.  There is no place for anger in our grandstands directed at anyone including opposing fans, players, coaches, or the officials.  Please refrain from rooting AGAINST our opponents for they too are someone's friends, classmates, teammates, sons and daughters.  Your actions should demonstrate respect for the game as well as those who play it.  Let our players play, our coaches coach, the officials make the calls, and cheer like crazy for the Pascack Hills Cowboys
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 "Heart is the difference between those
that attempt and those that achieve"
Author unknown